Fake profiles plague online dating sites and here is how to avoid them

Isn’t it frustrating that you clicked on a profile that you believed to be a profile of a real person which ended up as a fake one? Well, this is beginning to become normal in a lot of online dating sites as more and faker profiles are appearing.

It just destroyed the real purpose of online dating sites to be a place where people can communicate and find their true love because oftentimes they clicked the like button of a fake profile.

Well, unfortunately, there are many online dating sites that are plagued with fake profiles which are used to scam and victimize people, these can be used by scammers, identity thefts, sexual predators and other malicious personalities who are pretending to be a wholesome person by using fake names and profiles.

If you want to join to eliminate these fake profiles, here are some tips in spotting one courtesy of christian dating in sa.

·         Avail of the site’s subscription- Paid subscriptions in online dating sites have many advantages, and one of it is to filter those fake profile from real people. As you notice the majority of the users of online dating sites are availing of the free usage, limiting them only to free features which in return makes them exposed to many kinds of profiles and many of it, unfortunately, are fake profiles. Majority of the popular online dating sites only have a few percentages of its users that are dedicated to a paid subscription while the rest are enjoying it for free.

·         Check a verified profile twice- This is because not all verified profile that you are interested in is real. If you happen to have a match and you have little doubt at the back of your mind, doing a little background check won’t be bad. You can easily notice if that person is truly verified or just using a fake account if you ask them that you want them to meet in person, if they’ll decline and give you lots of excuses then it’s time to hit the eject button and move on.

·         Thoroughly check the profile before clicking the like button- Aside from verifying the profile, you should double check it if it is from a real person. One way to know if that person is real is how personal information is detailed. You should take the time to read their profile’s biographic information provided in it. This includes birth date, interests, hobbies, educational background, and other interesting stuff. You should be in doubt if a person’s profile doesn’t have a clear explanation about her or himself because there’s a huge percentage that the person using that profile is there for something else and for sure it’s purely on the bad side. For genuine profiles, register just christian dating south africa has.

·         Report a fake profile right away- One of the best ways to deal with fake profiles and help minimize its number in your preferred online dating site is to report it right away before it can scam other members.