Sexual Positions And Better Movements

Sex is an activity that, apart from being infinitely pleasurable, allows creativity to be given free rein, and always doing things in a different way until finding the ideal movements, the indicated positions, and the right way to touch and be touched for reach the fullness of orgasm.

In the world of sex, there are no rules; anything goes while the protagonists can perform freely and voluntarily. However, there are many tips and recommendations from experts that you can learn sex positions. The objective is to help people to enjoy sexual encounters more and to know their bodies to learn the best routes, the most sensitive points, the irresistible movements. The important thing is to be encouraged to be creative and to experiment.

Discover below some of the best moves to implement:

Mast position

Benefits: Double stimulation for women (vagina and clitoris), and a good landscape of the back and buttocks of women for men.

How to put it into practice: Lie on your back and bend one of your legs, keeping the other extended. Make the girl sit on your penis with her back to you. You must keep one of your legs bent so that she uses your support knee and can press her vulva hard against your thigh while you penetrate her.

The scissors position

Benefits: Offers a bridge to more creative positions.

How to put it into practice: Ask your girl to lie on her back and raise her right leg so that you can get between her legs at a 90-degree angle and penetrate her. She can do this with you in front of her or in front of her back. If she is flexible, you can lift her left leg up to increase the depth of penetration.

The bicycle position

Benefits: Man can enjoy different movements in penetration.

How to put it into practice: Tell her to lie on her back on the edge of the bed or another surface, lift her legs against your chest, grab her ankles and begin to penetrate very carefully until she can settle into that position and enjoy. If it’s flexible, you can rest your heels on your shoulders, and enjoy deeper penetration.

Position of the dog

Benefits: Vaginal pleasure intensifies.

How to put it into practice: She should lie face down on the bed, slightly bend her knees, and raise her hips a little. 

For added comfort, she can place a pillow under her lower abs. You will be able to penetrate it and keep your weight out of it to support you and move with your arms. You may find many sex positions videos available online. You will gain a better understanding by watching these.

The best sexual positions according to the size of the penis

One of the things that can most intrigue a man is if they actually satisfy their partners at the time of sex, and above all if they are satisfied with the size of their penis.

The truth is that specialists in the subject agree that the concern should not be the dimensions of the member but rather if they are applying the appropriate techniques or methods to make this happen in the background, as there are many things from which you can take a hand, among these the various sexual positions that exist.

Now we tell you which are the most pleasing sexual positions, according to the size of the penis.

Perfect sexual positions according to the size of the penis

Average size

If the man has a “normal” size penis, it will be easier to find ways to please the couple. Ideally, get out of the routine, so you can get hold of a position called “dragon squat.” It consists of the man flexing his legs in front of the woman, which leaves him to sit astride him and encircle his shoulders. The total contact positions are the best.

Large size

The ideal is to do previous games, the recommended is about 15 minutes, to allow the woman to lubricate and can give better penetration. You can also use some lubricant.

The gentlemen of the big penis should consider that it is best to carry and do things calmly. About the sexual position, the ideal is for the man to lie on his back and the woman on top so that she is the one to set the pace, a position denominated as “missionary doing push-ups” since they will have to strain their arms in order to regulate the penetration.

Small penis

A small penis is considered to be one that when it is erect does not exceed 15 centimeters. Experts indicate that for these cases there is nothing better than anal sex.

Curved penis

This type of member seems to be the perfect one to reach the so-called female G-spot. The best position is the so-called “spoon” well curved, with the knees bent. It is recommended to go turning to try which side is the best.